Chelsea is the youngest Resident Artist at Rabbit Books Arthouse. 

Chelsea's pencil portraits are of exceptional quality far advanced for her years. 

One of Chelsea's significant artistic achievements was her portrait of Metallica's James Hatfield appearing on the big screen during a 2018 Metallica Concert. 

Chelsea is developing her artistic practice with the intention to study Fine Art at University and later becoming a tattoo artist. 

Chelsea accepts the commissions for speciality pieces. 

Angus Young -  Pencil on Paper - $850.00


Braveheart-  Pencil on Paper - $850.00


Axl Rose -  Pencil on Paper - Print only $100.00


Freddy -  Pencil on Paper - Print only $100.00

Darryl (Walking Dead) -  Pencil on Paper - $850.00

James Hetfield -  Pencil on Paper - Print only $100.00


Michael Hutchins -  Pencil on Paper - Print only $100.00

Jimmy Hendrix-  Pencil on Paper - Print only $100.00

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